The Lovelantis Price Promise

“If you find the product you want to buy anywhere else before you buy it or up to 7 days after purchase we promise to beat the price by one pound”

Lovelantis Customer Service team

If you think you have found a product cheaper elsewhere then please follow the below instructions:


Copy the link to the product page in question and email it to the Lovelantis customer service team on A member of the team will verify the product meets our terms and conditions then send you a discount code that will reduce the cost of the product on the site.

After Purchase

Please follow the same step as the above, however as you’ve purchased the product already the customer services team will simply refund the discounted amount.

The Price Promise Terms and Conditions

  • This offer only applies to products over £50
  • This offer does not apply to products from the following sites:
    • Ebay
    • Amazon
    • Other auction sites
    • Non UK based sites
  • The cheaper product needs to be the exact same brand, design, model and colour as the Lovelantis product
  • The product must be in stock and available to buy
  • The product must not be a part of a discounted multi product bundle
  • The price match must include the product cost as well as postage and delivery