Realistic Masturbators

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Realistic masturbators are the next best thing to sex, made from body safe, high quality, real feel materials. A pussy masturbator will leave you almost convinced your inside a real vagina, whilst an oral sex mouth masturbator can give a truly amazing blow job. They are the ultimate sex toy for men, women and couples.

Vibrating male masturbators add another dimension to your mouth or realistic vagina masturbator, adding a brand-new sensation to the dream like real feel flesh.

The pocket pussy range of mastrubators, have the hyper realistic feel of the larger toys but are a fraction of the size. Meaning that they are easy to store discreetly or to take out and about with you.

Many of our mastrubators come with free lube so that the moment you receive your package you are ready to play.

So, no matter whether your looking for a vagina, mouth or ass you will struggle to find a more realistic male sex toy. Remember you get free shipping on every order over £20, so for sex toys UK think

Frequently asked Questions About Realistic Mastrubators

Yes, all the masturbators we stock are designed to accommodate a range of penis girths and lengths. If you are particularly well hung please be sure to contact us before you order if you are still in doubt
Make sure you are somewhere private or in the company of likeminded friends. Get your member warmed up and ready for action, pick the lube of your choice (if you want it to be as realistic as possible, we would recommend pussy scented lube) Depending on how wet you want the experience to be you might want to also apply some lube to the mastrubator Either try stroking the mastrubator up and down your shaft or hold it in place and pump away until you are finished. Let your imagination run away with you. Time to clean up yourself and the toy.
Realistic Sex without the risk, no pregnancy, no disease. Vagina Anal fun without the hygiene worries Increase your stamina and sexual performance If you watch porn adding a mastrubator to the equation can really help, make you feel part of the action
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